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Infantry Armor Aircraft

Units are used against either computer controlled enemies, or other players in order to win resources, PvP points, or other loot. Units are created in a Barracks, Motor Pool, or Airfield, and are stored in either a battalion or your Reserves Bay.

New units can be researchd and upgraded in an Academy, Maintenance Bay, or Maintenance Hanger. As troops are upgraded they become more powerful, but also cost more Fuel and Supplies to train. Players should note that new special units are regularly released into the game, and can be unlocked via special blueprints found in various in game events.

  • Infantry units (Rifleman, Mortarmen, and Snipers) are troops that are generally the least expensive units to train and require a smaller amount of army space
  • Armor units (HMMWV, M109 Paladin, and M1 Abrams) are ground vehicles that can prove to be quite powerful, but are generally slow moving and fall short when in battle against air units.
  • Aircraft units (OH-58 Kiowa, AH-64 Apache, and AH-1 Cobra) are air helicopters that can fly over your opponents defenses and deal major damage to most ground units. Just be wary of any ground units that have anti-air equipment.