Jul 31 at 12:00pm to Aug 7 at 12:00pm in EDT

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NOTE: This game defines north as the upper right hand edge of the square.


  • Use infantry and a few Helos for the first few missions.
  • Move you MGT's to the direction that the NPC attacks, Place afew Riflemen in front of the MGT's to keep them alive longer, the MGT's have much higher DPS then the riflemen do.
  • There may be some variation of loot possibly based on level or random drops?
  • Friends reporting slight variations in drops. Op points, however, are consistent

L1 - Assult Edit

  • Easy one

L2 - Assult Edit

L3 - Assault Edit

L4 - Base Defense

  • Attack from South Morterman
  • Attack from South East- Machine Gunner/ rifelman
  • Attack from South West - 2x Morter + 1x moterman + 2X machine gunner

L5 - Assault Adolf Hitler will use 2x machine gunner

L6 - Assault