so, that is my first proposal for getting better this game, based on my previous experience with other similar games (sorry i am not english and i could write some syntax mistakes) : 

1. Remove the Home Protection while the player is online, so that will be possibile to attack more bases and with the feature of live combat. 

2. On Multiplayer map, give us the opportunity to defende our battalions when being attacked.     

2.1 Further option could be the View Battle, so that other players can see the performing of the actions. Also for the Base attacks. 

3. The chat should has the time of typing. Because when i log in, I never know if the last message is recent or long-ago. [upgrade made it up!]

4. There are no armor which can attack the aircrafts, please evaluate to create a new unit for that. 

5. Every unit should have a own rank which increase with the experience in combat. This rank can provide better characteristics more than the upgrade, such as Healt, DPS, range of fire and speed. Let's premium the units which are more employed in game! 

6. It is missing the possibilty to create a nickname instead to use the real name, so that we could have a combat pseudonym.

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