The Armor component of the army is comprised of the Military Vehicles.


Armored Unit or Tank start with mechanized warfare on WWI field and really test in WWII with T30, KV from east side, Sherman from west side and Panzer, Tiger in Axe armies. Its mass of armor and cannons is able to crush even modern infantry under its tracks, and its speed remains decent. Most blueprints show Americans and Russians units. The greatest challenge for the warmonger is to find the resource needed to produce Tanks. The mounted units of earlier eras - both light and heavy - use low amount of resources.


You have to build a maintenance bay and a motor pool before making armor.


Most armored units mean a quick end for a infantery battalion. Each can kill in one shoot a trooper or a small building. But well dispersed the troop can delay the tank slow firing rate with riflemen meanwhile anti-tank specialists aim weak points of armor.


Two serious points to underline in Thunder Run:

First there is no most weakest side in a armor and so no need to attack armor by the rear.

Second the visibility's armor is perfect then no way to surprise them at the corner street or edge of the hill. Moving around a tank is waste of time.

Finally armor become priceless against high level turrets. Russian units seem overpowering their amirecan couterparts. Battlehouse introduce upgrades in units that could change balance between armors: the infamous, almost invulnerable Tos era come to his end.

Fast or Wheeled armorEdit

Mostly use like scout or goat.

  • Hummer Hmmwv
  • Gaz Tigr
  • Stryker ICV
  • BTR-90 IFV
  • BMP-1
  • Truck Bomb


They dont need forward observers or radio to localize the target but they are actually to close on battlefield to stand confortably with their thin armor.

M106 Mortar

  • M109 Paladin
  • MSTA
  • BRDM-3
  • Tos A1

Heavy TankEdit


M2 Bradley

  • M1 Abrams
  • T-90 MBT